PRO HOLDER Ball joint holder

mounting form


Art. KGH60-SG-IGZ14

Technical data

Connection UNC1/4-20 (2b) L = 10.5 mm
Torque up to 100 Nm, holding force up to 140 kg
Mounting surface Ø 36 mm, incl. rotation prevention by 2x M5 thread
Counterface SW22
Tilt angle ball +/- 45°
Screw-on foot 150 x 106 mm, through holes 4 x 9 mm
Cast aluminum, powder coated (gray anthracite)
Made in Germany
Orientation dimensions (HxWxD) 105 x 152 x 152 mm
Weight 2070 g

Strong holding force with pinpoint clamping. The ball can be fixed in any position via the black lever. All devices can be screwed onto the thread and ideally aligned. Available are internal and external threads in M6, M8, M12 or UNC 1/4 inch. With an additional adapter of 45 degrees, 90 degree inclination can be achieved. A small lever pressure is sufficient for a stepless fixing with high holding force. With the adjusting screw on the lower seat of the ball, the movement of the ball can be adjusted from loose to very firm. For safety-relevant parts, please note that we cannot give a guarantee of the holding forces without knowing your specific application. The ball may behave differently under different physical conditions than it does in our test laboratory in an optimal test environment. Our product development department is constantly working on the optimisation and further development of our products. If you have any questions, improvements or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.